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It’s long been argued that the conservatory roof is one of the most important parts of the conservatory construction. We feel there is a lot of merit in this argument and in this section we introduce you to some of the roofing systems along with some of their “unique” features.

Special Notes

As you research your conservatory purchase you will very quickly find that many of the UK conservatory suppliers in particular will be using very similar roof systems which they either buy in as complete roofs or in “bar length” (for fabrication by themselves) from one of the big “conservatory roof systems companies” (not unlike how many PC’s use Intel processors!).

You will also find that these roof system companies are very competitive with each other and both they and their customers (conservatory suppliers) will often go to elaborate lengths to PROVE that they are BEST!

While we would agree that each system may have some individual merit we would still emphasize that for us the most important things to consider when selecting a potential conservatory supplier are their quality of installation, warranties and after sales service. After all, the so called “best” roof isn’t of much use if it’s badly installed!

Among the leading names for conservatory roof systems (roof rafters, ring beams, box gutters etc) are Ultraframe, Quantal, Wendland, Universal, Park Lane, Monarch and K2. There are also a host of products targeted at both the DIY and professionally installed markets by companies such as Exitex and Twinfix. You will also find that some of the hardwood conservatory suppliers will use their own designs for timber rafters etc – perhaps only buying-in items such as guttering and external rafter cappings made in aluminium.

For the main part we will concentrate on the “complete conservatory roof system” as supplied by companies such as Ultraframe, Quantal and Wendland. These are mainly specified for PVCu and Aluminium conservatories – although you will find them used some times in timber conservatories.

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Some Questions to ask about a Roof System

Will the roof system also be able to accommodate 25mm polycarbonate and glass roofs?

Is the roof system thermally clad or thermally broken – in order to provide better insulation and reduce the risk of condensation?

What is the roof made out of – Aluminium? Steel? Timber? PVCu? Please note – we do not favour roofs fabricated entirely out of standard PVCu window frame extrusion – even if they are fully reinforced. We believe your roof should be made using a purpose-made roofing system rather than a “mish-mash” of PVCu window frames – bolted together and which will be quite susceptible to leaks in the future. We emphasize this point as quite a lot of people are often surprised when they discover that most PVCu conservatories do in fact feature aluminium in the roof. Aluminium – usually thermally clad in PVCu is the most popular choice for conservatory roofs. Be very wary and seek plenty of reassurance and proof from any manufacturer who sells a conservatory roof made primarily of PVCu window frame extrusion.
Is there a range of guttering and rainwater goods to compliment the roof?

Are there special purpose-made roofing components for difficult sites that feature box gutters etc?

How long is the guarantee on the roof? Is it the same length of time as the rest of the framing? Does the written guarantee specifically mention this?

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