Insurance and Deposit Indemnity

Deposit Indemnity Protection

This indemnity protection, which is underwritten by Guarantee Protection Insurance Limited or Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Limited, provides cover for up to 25% of the contract value and lasts for 90 days from the date the deposit is paid.

Should the member company cease to trade through liquidation, bankruptcy or death of the principals prior to any work commencing, the customer will be able to make a claim.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

The guarantee, which again is underwritten by Guarantee Protection Insurance Limited or Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Limited, mirrors that of the member company’s own guarantee, subject to the terms of the Insurance Policy, and provides cover for up to 10 years for the full contract value of the installation for repairs or replacements in the event of the member company ceasing to trade through liquidation, bankruptcy, or death of the principals.

Why does the Customer need a guarantee

The installing company has to provide its own guarantee and providing it remains in business the consumer will never have to resort to the insurance backed guarantee for remedial work. However, there are an alarming number of consumers who have had problems only to find that the original installing company has ceased to trade and have had to find the costs of having the problem rectified themselves.

Choosing a company that are members of our organisation and having an insurance backed guarantee will ensure that you have peace of mind should anything go wrong and the member company has ceased to trade, as any problems will be rectified with the minimum amount of fuss.

Insurance Certificate

Upon the successful completion of an installation or home improvement, simply return the Customer Return Slip from the bottom of the Customer Return Form and, providing that the contractor is still trading at that time, we will forward a certificate of insurance to you without delay.

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